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"It would be easy to dismiss this as a vanity project, destined for the shelves of friends, relations and the odd charity shop, but that would be to deny its undeniable charm... Each song has a particular style all gravitating towards the West Coast sound - harmonies aplenty and some fizzing electric guitar... He is patently far better at than many of the current X factor wannabes."
Keith Hargreaves -

"a nicely varied collection, each track with a flavor and atmosphere all its own. Glick avoids the tropes so grievously overused by so many songwriters, and comes across sounding like what he is: a thoughtful, peace-lovin' Jewish leftist hippie pothead clown. In short, my kind of guy. "Minstrel Caravan" could be about Grateful Dead Tour, or the Chautauqua; "Homegrown" is the rant of a garrulous dope grower; "Sweet Confused" and "Got to Be a Way" look at confusing contemporary days from different angles; in "Overrated" and "Old Country," he looks at himself from different angles; and the first of these songs to earn a slot in rotation on my Brain Radio, "Our Kisses Are Waltzes," is a perfect evocation of that sweet ache at the beginning of a love."
David Gans (Grateful Dead Hour) -

"This new EP from Ponder (Amos Glick with help from Ira Marlowe) is a warm reminder that originality, sincerity, humor and excellent musicianship didn't go out of style with the rise of the manufactured corporate pop icon."
Andras Jones -

"there's much here to be enjoyed. Positively retro in its presentation, "A Little Bit Sane" sounds like it was recorded in early '70s San Francisco; it wears its hippy heritage on its sleeve, and it's bands like Phish and Grateful Dead that have undoubtedly provided the most inspiration. Standout tunes like "Sweet Confused" and "Got To Be A Way" transport the listener back to another time and place, and although it all sounds a little lo-fi, there's enough enthusiasm and simple charm on display to blow away any audio cobwebs."
Rob F. - Leicester Bangs

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Album cover art by Tracy Ginsberg